Small batch artisan soap and other wild crafted goods made in Idaho.

Marni Henderson

Creative and Health Educator at Coalesce Discovery

The powerful simplicity of SOAP cleans and nourishes our bodies while offering a moment to pause and reflect.  We spend a lot of time washing with soap, so let's make it GOOD! 

Every bar is made with really awesome juju inspired by the natural beauty of nature and her creatures.  Rooted in a strong belief that we all embody basic goodness, this thought and energy is infused into the creative process of every bar of soap.  Filled with wild- hearted soapy goodness, I invite you to enjoy and savor the moments you spend getting dirty, playing in the lakes, rivers, and oceans, breathing in fresh clean mountain air, and making sweet memories with the ones you love. What we use on, in, and around our bodies makes a difference.  

Small batch, cold process soaps are made with simple, natural, and beautiful ingredients - AND - with a big-hearted intention of cultivating wellness in mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Go ahead, spread the soapy goodness and human responsibly!

Born in the Rockies and made of the Sea,  this mountain mermaid welcomes you to Dancing Moon Atelier, the creative offerings of Coalesce Discovery Whole Health and Wellness.  You will find soap and other wildcrafted creations with an exceptionally high content of goodness for your well-being!   

It is in those subtle moments when I realize how much Marni's soap is good for the soul.  The hand-made bars are beautiful on my counter as they wait for me to use them, but it's when the lather is on my own hands or I'm gifting these artisan bars to another that really boosts my spirits.  These artisan soap creations are as beautiful as the creator herself.

Kelli Rae